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Black Series 2 Piece Grooming Set

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Two piece precision grooming tool set to keep nails, nose and ear hair neat and trimmed. Made with quality craftsmanship, these grooming essentials are beautifully packaged in a fine leather pouch with snap closure. Comes in a giftable box with printed sleeve. Set includes: Twin S® Nail Clipper and Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer.
Key Benefits
• Great for grooming nails, nose and ear hair on-the-go
• Small enough for a pocket or travel
• Ideal for gift giving

Use & Care
To neaten nose or ear hair, insert trimmer slightly into nostril or ear and rotate handle in the same direction. Trim visible hairs only. Use the sharp, slightly curved cutting edge of the ultra slim clipper with the force of its lever to achieve a precise clean cut every time.
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