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Men’s Wallet with TWIN® S Nail Clipper

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Classic black wallet made of neat’s leather comes with our award-winning TWIN® S Nail Clipper. Wallet includes: six credit card slots, a coin pocket, ID card insert, as well as snap closure for your new TWIN® S Nail Clipper.  Slim enough to carry in your pocket, but convenient enough to fit all of your wallet necessities. 
Key Benefits
• Room for six credit cards, coin pocket, ID, and paper money
• Stainless Steel TWIN® S Nail Clipper is ultra-sharp with curved cutting edges that won’t tear or rip nails
• Stainless Steel TWIN® S Nail Clipper sleeve for easy clipping anywhere
• Slim for easy travel and storage

Use & Care
Use the wallet to store all your credit card and money needs. Conveniently unsnap TWIN® S Nail Clipper from its sleeve to clip your nails on the go! Clean nail clipper with isopropyl alcohol after use and clean wallet with your preferred leather cleaner.

How to Use the TWIN® S Nail Clipper

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