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Manicure Bath Station

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Combinations of thermo-ashwood and stainless steel make this modern bath station the perfect complement to your bathroom décor. Your manicure and grooming essentials are all stored in one chic stand adding both fashion and function to your daily routine. Set includes: Stainless Steel Combination Cuticle & Nail Scissors, Stainless Steel Cleaner & Pusher, Stainless Steel Nail Clippers, Stainless Steel Slanted Tweezers and Stainless Steel Sapphire Nail File.
Key Benefits
• Modern bath station to keep all your manicure items stored in one convenient place
• High quality stainless steel tools are resistant to rust, even in high humidity
• Ergonomic design principles for comfort and ease of use
Use & Care
Shape brows and tweeze stray hairs with the Slant Tweezer. Remove dirt from underneath nails and push back softened cuticles using the Nail Cleaner/Pusher combo. Follow with the combination Combination Cuticle & Nail Scissors to precisely trim cuticles, and, if preferred, to cut nails. Lastly, use the Nail Clipper and Sapphire Nail File to cut and shape nails.

Clean each tool with isopropyl alcohol after use. Store each item back in the bath station for protection and convenient future use.
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