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Beard Grooming Set

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Stylish matte black Beard Grooming Set is the ultimate upgrade for the modern man’s facial hair and beard grooming needs. Set includes: Beard Grooming Scissors, Beard Comb and a grey leather case.
Key Benefits
• Diamond-like carbon technology provides additional hardness and fortifies sharpness for enhanced precision
• Scratch resistant coating maintains the black matte finish
• Slightly larger design for additional comfort and effortless functionality
• The process is environmentally friendly; harmful residues are not produced

Use & Care
Start with dry hair. Comb all beard hair downward, in the same direction of hair growth. Working from your ear down to your chin, comb up through beard hair against the direction of growth. Position the comb in beard to cut to your desired length (the closer to your skin the shorter the cut). Start trimming the excess hair that sticks out of the comb, in a continuous motion. Repeat until all beard hair is evenly cut.

Clean each tool with isopropyl alcohol after use. Store each item in leather case for protection and easy travel.
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