Zwilling Beauty Group

Company Overview

Since 1731, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels has stood for German craftsmanship combined with extraordinary product innovation. Where utmost precision meets elegant form, and highest quality standards meet exceptional materials.

ZWILLING Beauty Group creates exceptional grooming tools; effective yet gentle, you can groom with confidence. With every manicure or pedicure product that leaves our manufacture, we are placing a small masterpiece in your hands. A masterpiece where every touch is exactly right — every time.

The ZWILLING Beauty collection includes innovative grooming sets that make it easy to groom no matter where you are and we are always working to push the boundaries of luxury.  

For a feeling as timelessly beautiful as our products. ZWILLING Beauty offers the best in beauty, and trust us, our products are worth the investment.

ZWILLING Beauty is developed by and distributed globally through the ZWILLING Beauty Group with a strong brand presence in the US/Canada, Europe and Asia.